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The Ministry of Agriculture launches the finansing window under the conditions of measure 121

The Ministry of Agriculture launches the finansing window under the conditions of measure 121

This news surprised the farmers allover the country. The question now is If they are ready to react in time...

We moved to a new address

We moved to a new address

The company moved to its new offices in Sofia...

The new Program for rural development 2014-2020 starts at last

The new Program for rural development 2014-2020 starts at last

The new Program for rural development 2014-2020 starts at last...

Head office
66, Samokovsko shousse Blvd.
1138 Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: (00359 2) 975 31 68
Fax: (00359 2) 975 31 69

e-mail: office@vantotrade.bg


Our company is official distributor in Bulgaria of many international and European brands. The long lasting experience that we have in the Agricultural sector is helping us for the sales and service maintenance of almost all types agricultural machines. Due to our good business relationships with different agricultural machines manufactures, we can provide the Bulgarian farmers with complete provision of farms with machines, after sales maintenance and spare parts.

Here you will find an alfabetical list with the main brands that we represent in Bulgaria. From the begining of our activities in the agricultural field of business to date, we are in contact with many other companies, but due to the limited space here they are not part of this page. However, we would like to thank all of our partners for their will to cooperate with us and to help us in finding the best farming solutions for our clients.

Please be aware, that if you are looking for a partner and business opportunities in our country, you can always get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.


Our partners


AGRITECH, An Italian company, manufacturer of fiberglass silos, fiberglass shelters for  calves, modules for fast weaning of piglets and many other equipment that is essential in livestock farming.

AVA - TORDABLE, the brand that is taking care for your wineyards. The french company AVA SaS is successor and owner of the brand TORDABLE. We are working with them alreadt seven years without any complains agains their products quality and consumables deliveries.

BERTHOUD, The French company, manufacturer of spraying equipment, is one of the leading companies on the European market. Our relationship with them started in 2004 and since then we continue to develop the brand presentation in Bulgaria and to educate our clients about the benefits of their machines.

BERTI, The Italian company is experienced manufacturer of specialized machinery, such as mulchers, shredders, embankment mulchers, forestry shredders and rotary mowers, both for the – Agricultural and Professional (Civil) sectors.

BICCHI, An Italian company, manufacturer of trailers, containers, wagons, etc. specialised trailed machines suitable for all agricultural activities. Our relationship with them dates 1999 and since then due to the great personality of the owner of the company and his staff we continue to work successfully for the good name of the brand and to satisfy the needs of our clients.

BREVIGLIERI, The Italian company, manufactuter of power harrows and many other soil processing machines, is working with us since 1998. Our frendly and business relations with them are helping us in providing the best servise to our customers both the sales and after sales maintenance of the machines with this brand. Nevertheless the changed methods of agricultural processes in Bulgaria, the clients continue to look for their products, due to the high quality and reliability of the Breviglieri machines.

ENOROSSI, With this company we were in contact since the early years of our agricultural business. The professionalism of their staff and the will to support the customers are remarkable for this Italian company. They are strong in the production of hay making machines, oil millmachinery, backhoes and other agricultural machines. The brand is on the market already more than twenty years and is satisfying even the most capricious clients.

EUROSPAND, An Italian brand fertilizer spreaders owned by the company Officine Meccaniche Bovanese. We are working with them since the year 2000 and for all these years together succeeded to introduce their products to the Bulgarian farmers and to make them popular and desirable.

FANTINI, They are the other partner of ours that is with us since the very begining of our business with the agricultural machines. The Italian company specialised in the production of maize and sunflower headers is one of the leading European manufacturers with factories in Europe, Asia Africa nad the North America. Together with them and due to the excelent quality of their products, we have establised the brand FANTINI as one of the most desireable and reliable on Bulgarian market.

GALLIGNANI, The Italian manufacturer of balers and bale wrapping equipment is our partner since 2003. Together with them we are working on the providing Bulgarian farmers with new and reliable machinery for the harvesting processes.


GREGOIRE BESSON, The French company, manufacturer of ploughs, disc harrows and other machines, became our partner in 2007. Since than we have created an excelent relationship that is fundamental in keeping the good name of the products in our country and increasing the sales.

ILPER, The Spanish company is one of the leading European manufacturers of silos. We are working with them since 2007 and have established good and reliable partnership in building silos for our clients in Bulgaria.

MASCHIO GASPARDO, One of the biggest Italian manufacturers of different types of seed drills, planters and other types of soil processing machinery with plants not only in italy but all aover the world. We are together with them since 1998 and due to the quality of their products succeeded to win the recognition of the Bulgarian farmers on the direct seeding method.


MECCANICA ZUCAL, Is one of our new Italian partners. The company has more than 25 years of experience in the production of machines and innovations which facilitate and automate the processes of fruit picking up and handling, specialized in apples, pears and peaches. Their products can really  make your farm life easier and better organised.


NARDI, Is one of our first partners in agricultural machinery business. We are distributing the products of the Italian manufacturer of ploughs, disc harrows and other specialized soil machines since 1998. Together wit them we gave an opportunity to many of the Bulgarian farmers to discover the easiness of soil processing operations with new and reliable machines.

OMA, The Italian manufacturer is one of our first partners in agricultural machines business. We are selling the OMA sprayers in Bulgaria more than 10 years and continue to colaborate with them in very close and freandly evironment.


PRONAR, The Polish company is leader in the production of agricultural and municipal machinery.
We started working with their municipal machinery division in the summer of 2014. They are our newest partner, but for this short period we elaborated a good working team. All the deliveries we have done till now are perfect as delivery terms, logistic and quality of the products. The wide machinery range in this field is facilitating the summer and winter activities of the Bulgarian municipalities and other owners.

SEKO, The Italian company specialized in production of livestock feeding machines, machines for waste recycling and composting and equipment for production of biogass is our partner since year 2000. We are working closely with them in providing our customers with new, reliable and time and cost saving equipment to help their work in the agricultural farms.


SIGMA 4, The Italian company, manufacturer of front loaders and implements for tractors are our partner since 2003. Their products are highly appreciated by the farmers who perform any types of handling operations in their daily works. Due to the products' good quality, they became one of the most interesting for our clients.